Life will find its own way

2022.6.11 Success Stories

A Japanese couple working in Taiwan, due to the wife diagnosed polycystic ovary syndrome...more...


International Medical Service at BRC.

2022.4.13 Success Stories

BRC is located in Zhongshan District near the Xingtian Temple and the residential area of Japanese e...


Can't wait to go wakeboarding!

2022.1.16 Success Stories

The lovely Sisi is a month old! Can’t wait to go wakeboarding with mommy Sammy Wei-San Lee...more...


Reunion with Japanese family!

2021.11.7 Success Stories

A Japanese couple who is working in Taiwan came back with an eight-month-old baby who was a successf...


Why we recommend Single Embryo Transfer

2021.11.3 Success Stories

Mrs. Jiang lived in Hong Kong after getting married, and she has never been pregnant. The couple dec...