International Medical Service at BRC.

2022.4.13 Success Stories

BRC is located in Zhongshan District near the Xingtian Temple and the residential area of Japanese expatriates. Since we have nursing consultants who is proficient in Japanese, we can provide them with clear information with considerate and safe services.

The Japanese couples who did embryo implantation at BRC were successfully pregnant. However we were worried about the Kuwanas since the husband was going to be transferred back to Japan. The couple had to returned to Japan the day after the ultrasound showed the fetal sac. Since they needed to do self-quarantine there is no way to go to the obstetrics department in Japan. We’ve been worried about it until we received the news from the couple that they heard the heartbeats of the fetus. We are super happy for them!

As an international reproductive center, we will continue to provide the best reproductive medical services as much as we can for the foreign nationals in Taiwan.