Life will find its own way

2022.6.11 Success Stories

Life will find its way out.

A Japanese couple working in Taiwan, due to the wife diagnosed polycystic ovary syndrome, her menstrual cycle is too irregular to catch the ovulation day to conceive. They have decided to do IVF treatment. Following Dr. Li’s suggestion, she tried taking ovulation induction drug again which help them to track the day of timed intercourse.

When she realized her period is late, she wasn’t too surprised about it, because it might be flash in the pan just like before. She decided not to take a pregnancy test. However after two weeks of waiting, her period still didn't come. Therefore she returned to BRC. When Dr. Li checked with ultrasound, what a surprise! There were two fetal sacs in the uterus. She is pregnant with twins and their hearts are beating!

Infertility treatment usually is a long process, patients often face failure and setbacks. However as Dr. Li always said, "Life will find its own way", look at the heartbeats of these lovely twins. How delightful and touching!